Sep 10, 2013

Hanagae Beach : A great beach not far away!

Hanagae Beach on Muuido island is so very close to Seoul, it’s like a 30 minute bus ride directly from the Incheon Airport and to get their is easy, cheap and fast. You can take one of three buses #222, 220 or 306 bus from the Departure wing bus bay #7 at ICN airport. 222 and I believe 220 drop you directly off at Muuido Ferry terminal, whereas 306 drops you off at the road near the road to the ferry terminal. You can pay 1,500 W (approx. $1.50 CAD) on either bus to get you to the Muuido Ferry Terminal. Then you pay a one-way fare of 3,000 W (approx. $3.00 CAD) to walk onto the Ferry, you don’t pay this on the way back. Last, you take the green bus (another 1,500 W fare) waiting right at the end of the ferry dock as you walk off the boat and it will take you right up to the main entrance of Hanagae beach. All the buses take t money so if you don’t have cash you can still. It’s just this simple.

A few of us took this very same route to savour the last bit of gorgeous summer weather In South Korea. We stayed right on the beach in a handy hut that cost 10,000 w + 10,000w (approx. $10 CAD) per person a night, and came with pillows and blankets. There is also a 10,000 w key deposit that you get back at the end too,

We brought some food and also ate some yummy Korean BBQ beach side. This beach was one of the few beaches I’ve been to since coming to korea (and surprisingly i’ve been to quite a few in such a short amount of time) that was closer to the beaches I’ve been used to growing up near the great lakes of Canada. The sand was nice and the beach lesser known so it wasn’t packed the whole time we were there.

Also for those who like ziplining, you can do this here for 30,000 W (approx. $30 CAD along the beach). Personally, I have never gone ziplining before and I want my first experience to be through a dense and magestic jungle. Yet, it seemed safe and fun though!

Some other cool highlights were: blinking and seeing that the almost 1km long shoreline (pic #2) at 3:00 p.m. vanished into rippling waves (pic #6-8) the temperature of soup. Also, at night it was awesome looking out at the flashing lights that seemed like gigantic, distant fireflies in the night sky only to discover they were really just flashlights carried by whole families of Koreans doing some late night clam digging, which was what the lady in pic#3 was also doing during the day.

Overall, it was a quality weekend and I highly recommend anyone in the greater Seoul area who has never been to Hanagae Beach to go before the weather gets to chilly to swim. Right now the water is fantastic so go!